One Small Step

As we have outlined over the last couple pages of our blogs, we aim to bring innovation of tomorrow to your attention today so that you can be aware of new shifts in the general trends of everyday things that can make an impact on our beautiful planet. Today, we would like to talk about the space that we use as our office location. This building is in the heart of the city, and one would think that there would be no way in which to make any impactful changes to the overall feel and utility of our building, but in that case you’d be wrong.

We worked closely with our roofing contractor first and foremost. The roof of our, and your building is an area that will have the most direct interaction with the weather patterns of your city. Whether this i

roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roof
roofer builder worker with pulverizer spraying paint on metal sheet roof

s sun, rain, wind or otherwise. We chose our contractors based on their willingness to work with our ideas, and their ability to implement them. We knew that we wanted three major things on our roof, solar panels, rain water collection and a garden. Ourselves and our contractor worked closely together to come up with a blueprint for these ideas, to properly section off the various areas, and to make the dream come to life.

We managed to section off a third of the roof that we use as a miniature greenhouse to grow our own herbs and other small plants, we laid three tracts of solar panels, and have five separate rain collection locations around. This water collected is used in our office for a multitude of purposes, cutting our water bill by nearly half, the solar panels cut our electricity bill by two thirds, and the herb garden, is great for salads. But we also sell some of them at a local market to which the funds go to our operating costs. These initial investments have paid for themselves over the last couple years, and we are the one unit in our building that uses the least amount of energy.

Even in making these changes for our own personal office use, the local businesses around us have started to follow our lead and make their own adjustments in the area. In our block alone, there is now seven businesses using solar panels, three collecting water, and our neighbors also have a garden, which we enjoying trading with on a regular basis. These small changes have not only allowed us to make a small impact on our operations, but also have served to bring our area together a little more as we speak with surrounding businesses about ideas, shared innovations and more.

No matter the change you make, or whether or not you believe our projects are making any impact at all, the idea is to catch the bug, to make your own small changes to a small item of your life, and see what difference you can bring. You can save some money, or maybe, together we can save the world.

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